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Josh Royer Josh Royer
Realtor, Kratos Realty Group
Cell: 626-394-3269

Josh Royer wakes up every morning to the colors of the day, with the moon reflecting over the ocean as the sun begins to rise. In those serene moments, he's grateful to be living his dream. “When I’m walking in the early morning, the beauty of nature makes me feel truly lucky to living in Southern California.” Savoring every moment of the California casual lifestyle, Josh is always eager and willing to share it with everyone he meets.

Born and raised in Ohio, he took his Midwest work ethic, moving to Southern California after graduating from The Ohio State University to pursue his career. Josh left Ohio with dreams of making it big and started early life in California by working in the pharmaceutical industry while at the same time opening a successful pizza franchise. With that found success, the real estate industry started calling.

Josh now brings his many talents and meticulous attention to detail to the real estate profession. “One of the reasons I am so passionate about the value I bring to my clients’ lives,” he says, “is that my family always owned homes in Ohio and coming here, I noticed the lower to upper middle class had a much higher percentage of renting. As an Ohio boy growing up, loving to have his own space, I thought everyone deserves their own space, and I wanted to help as many people as I can to balance their finances, clean up their credit and save to have their dream home.  Ten years later, I am part of a team that can do everything from optimizing money to live in your dream home, help with different types of loans, my team members can speak English, Spanish, Manderin and Vietnamese, as well as help home owners who have owned their homes for years financial assistance by utilizing reverse mortgages. “I am driven to help others make their dreams come true too.

Attentive to every detail throughout the sales process, Josh brings a creative approach to finding just the right solutions to real estate challenges. He thrives on sharing with others and provides in-depth market knowledge to help you make informed decisions. Whether you are buying your dream home on the waterfront or looking to sell your current property, he puts your needs first, doing all that it takes to make your real estate experience as smooth and successful as possible. For Josh, real estate success truly is an art form.

If you are buying or selling real estate in the South Bay, Orange County, or San Gabriel Valley, call Josh Royer today and discover the difference his energy, expertise and creative approach will make for you.

Josh proudly serves the real estate needs of residents in Southern California.

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